Most artist biographies typically have a perfect and detailed story about how that artist began writing songs or performing in front of crowds. But with Garrett Jacobs, his story and his biography is anything but typical, which pairs well with his voice. The Louisiana native not only has a blend of such diverse musical influences but also has had a unique journey for only being 19 years old.


Garrett Jacobs, has been singing since he could talk and began leading worship for his church back home in Louisiana during his teenage years. It wasn’t until his senior year of high school that Garrett really dove into singing and shortly realized that it could be a life-long career. In 2018, Garrett Jacobs competed on American Idol, where he placed in the top 14. After being voted off of Idol and graduating from high school, Garrett decided that he wanted to whole-hardheartedly pursue his career in music after playing a Whiskey Jam round during his 1st visit to Nashville. Garrett Jacobs debut single, “The Healing” was released in 2019, which was the first song that Garrett has ever co-written and it was written on his 2nd day in Nashville.In addition to discovering his love for songwriting, Garrett knew that he had to make the move to Nashville, TN to immerse himself within the songwriting community.


Garrett has made it a top priority to hone his skills as a songwriter and performer, and now has shared the stage with acts such as Colbie Caillat, Adam Doleac, Riley Green and Jon Langston. He is currently continuing to play as many shows as he can as well as working on an upcoming release with his producer, Jason Massey.

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